Solar Photovoltaic plants generate electricity by converting the sun’s rays directly into electricity. Solar modules generate electricity with almost no maintenance and with the guarantee that for 30 years they will not go below 80% of their initial producibility levels.

There are different types of PV modules that can be fitted onto your roof.
Thanks to our long experience we will propose the best solution for your needs.

In the last years the price of battery storage is going down quickly and the cycle duration is going up and now is near 7.000 completed cycle that is about 12 years battery life duration. Our company will propose you only the best photovoltaic modules and battery storage system (Lithium iron phosphate).


SOLAR energy is now certainly the best solution to produce electricity. Solar PV is a low cost investment, with low maintenance and ensures financial recovery plans in a few years.
With the huge availability of sunshine in South Africa, you will payback your investment in about 6 years with other at least 30 years of clean energy, free.


Eskom every year applies an increase of electricity’s price and many industry analysts believe Eskom’s requested increases will need to be implemented in the long term to ensure the sustainable supply of electricity in South Africa.

Similarly to other countries in the world, South Africa has also determined that users who acquire power from the Municipality or from Eskom can build a photovoltaic system connected to the grid in order to reduce and/or break down their consumption.
Municipalities and Eskom, in different ways, allow you to use the electricity generated by the photovoltaic system during the hours of the day for your own consumption and at the same time pay off or shelve the power produced and not consumed in excess.

Feel free to contact us… we will analyze your electricity bills and daily electricity distribution… after that we will offer you the best financial plan to break down your energy needs.
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