Solar to Benefit Africa is technically equipped in such a way that in most cases is able to fix/remedy even the most difficult/challenging issues/faults. One advantage is that we use fixed repair prices so that you know in advance how much a repair will cost you. Naturally, the items are thoroughly tested after repair and is there a standard warranty of 12 months given with every repair. Whether you want to have an old S5 PLC, a brand new Touch Panel or a Simodrive to be repaired, your product is in good hands at Solar to Benefit Africa and you will have it rapidly returned in good working order.

The benefits of a repair

  • Fixed prices: you know beforehand what a repair will cost you, thus no (unpleasant) surprises later.
  • High quality repair: this includes a complete cleaning of your product.
  • Quick repair cycle: on agreement, emergency repairs are also possible.
  • Full Test: wherever possible every article is comprehensively tested after repair. A standard repair report is included.
  • Preventive maintenance and testing: we can also carry out tests for you if you have doubts about the way your product is operating.  The preventive replacement of obsolete and/or wear sensitive components is also possible.
  • ‘No cure, no pay’: You do not have to pay anything for the repair if it is not successful for whatever reason.
  • No transport costs: we return the repaired items at our own cost with the exception of express or taxi costs.

Broad list of Products which we mostly repair

  • Simatic S5 and Simatic S7 (6ES5 / 6ES7),
  • Simodrive: both old and new models: 611, 610 and 650/660 (6SN / 6SC / 6RB).
  • Sinumerik and Sirotec: both old and new models: 810, 840, 850 (6FX / 6FC).
  • Siemens HMI; Operator Panel, Touch Panel, Industrial PC; both old and new models: OP5–OP37/MP270–MP370/TP070–TP270 (6AV3 / 6AV6 / 6AV7). Replacement of membranes and/or touch foils is part of our service.
  • Drives; Micromaster, Midimaster, Simovert-Masterdrive, Simoreg, etc. (6SE3 / 6SE6 / 6SE7 / 6SE9 / 6RA2 / 6RA7),
  • All other types of Siemens applications: Monitors, Motors, Regulators, Teleperm, Sinec, etc.
  • Texas Instruments: series 500, 505, 5TI, PM550, 530, 560, 565 etc.
  • Many other types of brand and applications (ABB, ALLEN-BRADLEY, DANFOSS, FANUC, INDRAMAT, SCHNEIDER, etc.).

If you want to know the cost of a repair, please ask/or forward your enquiry to our sales department for a customised quote. Send an e-mail to or contact us by other means. Our company details are listed on our contact page.